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A Mosaic of Despair and Insanity... [entries|friends|calendar]

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Entry 55 [16 Feb 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

And this is why I fucking HATE American bands. Fucking Jrock-wannabes.



This is fucking disgusting. It's a blatant copy of hide-sama's guitar riffs.

I'm so fucking pissed right now.

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Entry 54 [16 Feb 2005|02:54am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I should really try to keep up with my LJ.

It takes WAY too much effort, trying to remember everything that happens between posts.

Good news-- Hiroshi came to visit me recently. I blame it on my post where I insulted him. He blames it on circumstance and the fact that he had time off to come up and visit.

We had fun. >>;; In a non-intercourse way. Though. We did take indecent photos. And no, you cannot see them.

Good times all around.

I spent V-day loafing around and being pissy that I have no one here with me for the day and had a ton of homework to take care of, not to mention the fact that I ate bad food and blew chunks, the result of which was that I couldn't spend more time talking to my better half, Allen.

>>; Scary, isn't it? I'm settling down in my old age. Me. The one who talked all that shit about... Well, I'm sure you've kept up with my past posts. No more hanky-panky with anyone I want. I have to be... Faithful. Blargh.

=/ Yeah. So.

Anyway. Wrapped up the evening listening to bittersweet songs, sippin' on a Pepsi and talking to Shini.

(BTW-- He's my Valentine for 2006. We so fucking rock.)

Let's hear it for anime RP. God knows I can use some, after the lack of intelligent play I've gotten under my Gackt ID. I wanted to start RPing him again, but.. Eh.

I started an RP with this Die, who RPs his Jrocker as a drug addict. Awesome, seeing that I have a StoryLine I've never gotten to play that involves Gackt being a Junkie. I was all excited, but then it dawned on me about where this was going... I knew it was just going to wind up as a Pointless-IC-Cyber-Affair. And I fucking hate that shit. Is it so fucking wrong to want to JUST RP, and let the romance element (if applicable) grow and blossom on it's own?

That's what I despise about Yahoo! RP-- most everyone only wants a LongTerm RP if it's going to involve Sex!Play! every time you RP.

If I want mindless, random, sexual involvement, I'll go to a fucking gay club and pick up a guy IN REAL LIFE. I don't need to do it in RP-Land to satisfy my fucking urges, AND I don't see why my characters have to be doing the nasty every time I RP if I want to keep LongTerm play partners.

=/ Hasn't anyone heard of romantic RP that centers around developing character involvement, maybe/eventually leading up to the Whole She-bang some time or another in a DISTANT future?

And this is why I miss AOL with a passion. No one wants character development, unless it includes Cybering, on Yahoo!.


And, this is a big 'but.'

Shini has got the GW RPG going, which looks promising. And, he's got this Medieval RPG that provided a perfect opportunity for me to revive my Child Vampire Emile and give him another chance to see some RP Action.

>>; I'm so psyched. For seriously. I just need to get on at the right times so I can actually RP with the members of said groups.

I think the Jrock Cycle of RP has ended. Which is sad, seeing that I've been playing Gackt for god knows how long know. Ah well. On to bigger (and hopefully!) better RP.

And yes, I know how much of a fucking loser I am to spend the majority of my journal post talking about RPing Online. But. Between school, work, and real life, I don't have time for many hobbies, and RPing just happens to be the one that fits nicely into my schedule.

And so, to conclude my LJ Update:

Ha HA. Borrowed this from Aki's journal. xB.

How will Jrock Kill You?
by AristocraticIndigo
Your name
When this occursJuly 11, 2026
What you ended up doing:Always wearing a cat suit
How it killed youYou got bitten by a spider
Who ended up taking the blameKozi (Malice Mizer)
How many other people have died this way76,486,952
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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Entry 52 [06 Jan 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

After a long hiatus (and fuck you on the spelling, if it's wrong), I have returned.

Like a phoenix arising from the ashes, I am reborn.


Leisurely reading has been taking up much of the time I spend offline.. well, what time I've had in between classes and trying to get over this fucking cold that's been keeping me in bed most of time for the past two week.

Rock on. I love watching iceskating women on TV. Flat chests are hawt.

Shit. I've missed hide's birthday, as well as Yoshiki's. I'm such a bad fan.

I'll masturbate in their honor tonight in the shower. >>. Now that's devotion.

X-mas came and went and sucked. No money, as it were. A few gifts from Trish, but that's about all. Hiroshi called. I'm starting to miss him.

He hasn't come up to NY in ages. The Chink Mother Fucker. I hope you're fucking reading this.

I don't know what else to put here. I'm too lazy to keep up this piece of crap journal.

Peace out.

Oh yeah. Here's some more for you.

I got wasted on New Years on old brandy. Go me.

I bet that surprised the socks right off of ya.


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xD P-chan. <3 2 U.

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=O. Oh noez.
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